Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kitchen Remodel....Part 2

It's funny but this thing happened over and over. I knew exactly what I wanted for sink fixtures and I knew I wanted a brown composite sink, not stainless, not porcelain. I wanted a unique design, some curves that were different, not just 2 square sinks, maybe even only 1 sink. My husband couldn't see it and I couldn't convince him to just go with it, so we compromised on a curvy 2 sink model. It's okay, not my first choice, but a good compromise. And there is actually a curve around the faucet fixture! I just needed 1 curve, OK?

My brown composite sink & oil rubbed bronze 1 piece  fixture...love them both!

I looked long and hard for what I wanted and I had the hardest time finding it. Now those composite sinks are everywhere! The same thing happened with all my fixtures. I wanted brown, the oil rubbed bronze looking fixtures with only 1 piece, not a knob for hot or cold, just a 1 piece fixture. I looked at Home Depot, Lowes, Standard Plumbing, Overstock.com, they all had such a limited selection of them in the darker color, there was not many to choose from at each store. I finally found one I liked but it was expensive compared to the nickel or stainless finishes! And now I see them all over the place.

And don't even get me started on the appliances, the fridge we got was counter depth (so NOT as much cubic feet as a regular fridge is) but it cost thousands more than a much larger capacity fridge with non-counter depth. Now how is that fair? Now Lowe's has those brown composite sinks all up in a display! I saw one last summer at Costco even. And counter depth fridges are everywhere, not special order anymore, and much cheaper now too! Hmph!

Counter depth fridge...wish it was bigger...but I LOVE the
pantry cabinets we installed all around and above it! SPACE!!!

Anyway. We got some great deals on granite. We used the Stone Depot in downtown Salt Lake for our granite and I would recommend them to anybody. Link HERE It is a little mom and pop operation; a little Asian couple who were both very nice. The lady was pregnant and about to deliver her 2nd baby, but she would traipse around the granite yard with us, helping us search through all the selections from around the world, giving us advice. I went back 3 or 4 times before I made up my mind. We also bought granite, vessel sinks from them for our 2 bathroom remodels. They have quite a selection of granite.  I liked them a lot, they were very cute.The little Chinese lady laughed at just about everything my husband said. John can be a funny guy.

Johnny did the decorative backsplash himself...isn't he qute the handyman?

finished kitchen....yipee!

I loved the lighting fixtures we picked out. The little pendant lights (from Lowe's) add so much over an island. I loved the dark wrought iron design with the leaves curling around the smoky glass pendants. We tried to match an existing ceiling fixture we had bought from my daughter's new house when she wanted to choose a more modern fixture for her kitchen. I happened to love hers and after she put it up for sale on KSL I told her take it down because I was buying it! Then we found matching pendants and ceiling flush lights for the adjoining den and wall sconces leading down to the basement. We lucked out here and found pretty good deals on all. And boy we had some UGLY lights before!

The pendants match all teh fixtures in the kitchen, den and hallways now...

I think we got the pendants at Lowe's...my favorite place to get lighting

Fixture over the kitchen table....my daughter sold it on KSL....to me!
It has the similar leafy pattern and  the oil rubbed bronze look 

I found these little silver wall tiles to put around the stove area from a magazine and sent away for them. I think they were about $20 bucks. They are just peel and stick tin tiles, very easy to do yourself. They look cool and they are good to catch all the splashes.

I probably need to get up in there and paint in between....Uh...maybe not today tho...
 I need a little more lighting in the kitchen still but just have to wait on Mr. Moss to have another chunk of time to put in the canned lights in the ceiling. He kept telling me it would be easier to do it at the end of the job. I never believed him but it was, you know, another compromise. People always say, " don't remodel your house or you might end up getting divorced". I know what they are talking about now. You have to get good at agreeing to disagree in a major remodel. Not every decision is reached with mutual love and respect. Sometimes you just go to your boxing corners and pout for awhile. Hmmm... Then you get over it and move on. More on our lovely demolition derby tomorrow...

Granite countertop Island and pendant lights

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