Friday, December 24, 2010

Hallelujah! It's Christmas

I love these funny videos of one of my favorite songs, the Hallelujah Chorus by Mendelsohn. I remember first learning it as a sophmore in high school by our women's chorus teacher Mr. Fenn. He was my all time favorite teacher.

He taught us how to live a good life, not just how to sing chorally. I loved that guy. He would have the yearly Christmas choral concert and anybody from previous years that was in the audience was always invited to stand up, and along with the present concert choir, boys chorus, women's chorus and the elite Acapella group, would sing along with us.

I remember years after graduating, going to watch my brothers sing in the West Torrance High School Christmas Concert. My sister Debbie and I (past members of the chorus) would stand together with half the audience and have this wonderful shared experience of a fine piece of music sung in 4 part harmony. I bet anybody who's ever learned this piece, never ever forgets their part. I can still sing the alto part perfectly to this day. Here are a few of my favorite renditions: Here is the first one: It was courtesy of Sarah Palin, from my facebook page!

Another one of my favorites is the Monk one. It is even funnier and probably was a lot harder to put together in sychronization! If Mr. Fenn were still around, I bet he'd have put something this creative together!

But my all time favorite Hallelujah song is this one: I love the 4 part harmony sung to steel string guitar, just so pure and beautiful. I don't know what the heck the song really means, but I love the chorus. It's Hallelujah from Shrek sung on utube by: Kirt Nilson and Espin Lind et al
For some reason it's been disabled, but check it out...google it, it is beautiful.



Merry Christmas 2010 everybody! I hope you get everything you want, but more importantly, you remember to give love to all those friends and family around you. It makes life worth living!

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